Facebook accused of 'empowering' a racist company culture

Facebook accused of 'empowering' a racist company culture

Facebook accused of 'empowering' a racist company culture

In one instance, the worker same their manager tried to steer 2 colleagues to allow them feedback on their performance review. The colleagues refused and according to the manager to an hour, however, the hour did nothing. One program manager was even asked by 2 white workers to wash up their mess once uptake breakfast.

Another person sharing their expertise the same they gave their opinion on a subject they were AN professional on throughout a gathering. They were admonished for doing this and were told they were being disrespectful and self-important. In one post on Blind, the poster same their friend simply created manager, and that they were ensuring that an "arrogant Black man United Nations agency thinks he's smarter than everyone" gets "managed out ASAP."

The cluster the same they selected to speak concerning their experiences anonymously, as a result of Facebook creates a hostile culture wherever anyone who's non-white is created to worry for his or her job and safety. They additionally same that if their post gets any attention -- and it did -- the company's M team, its cluster of trustworthy  leaders, can simply say one thing to the result of: "we read diversity as vital," "this behavior isn't acceptable" and "we can increase our efforts to create things higher." but, they believe the cycle of racism can simply repeat.

Facebook has issued AN apology once the post was printed. Bertie Thomson, the company's VP of company communications, same in a very statement: "No one at Facebook, or anyplace, ought to have to be compelled to place up with this behavior. we have a tendency to are sorry. It goes against everything that we have a tendency to indicate as a corporation. We're listening and dealing onerous to try to higher."

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