how to download whatsapp status | save whatsapp status

how to download whatsapp status | save whatsapp status:

download whatsapp status

Whatsapp is a simple messaging app. and everyone can use Whatsapp because it is safe and secure. And it controls Facebook and everyone can know about facebook. So, for this reason, Whatsapp is using every person. The Whatsapp has a lot of features but the status is a very important feature. and your friends can send you status. But there was a problem that you can not download your status. and WhatsApp does not allow you to download your status. And If you like your friend's status. But you can not download it. Then today I am telling you how can you download your status. With two ways so let get started. Before starting to make sure you can share this article with your friends. and share on social media.

 status save to gallery:

status save to gallery

This is the first way to download your Whatsapp status without application. and this is a simple way to download/save your Whatsapp status. and every person can not know about this method this is a secret short and easy method to download your status without application. the method is following in five steps so read these five steps carefully. so let get started.

Step No 1: open your Whatsapp and fully watch your status which you want to download. This will make a temporary copy of the same on the phone’s storage.

Step No 2: Open your file manager application_ File Manager, Solid Explorer; etc.

Step No 3: And click on "show hidden files" you need to open your file manager settings and set it to show hidden files.

Step No 4: and then go to the WhatsApp folder and click on the media folder and then click on .Statuses folder.

Step No 5: And then copy photos/videos which you want to download from the status and paste them in any folder which you want and that set your status has download.

This is a very nice and best method to download/save your status and this is a secret method so if you want to do not install any app and download your status so you can use this method I am personally using this method it is dependent on you so the next method is downloading your status with app so this method is following so read them.

Download Status with App: 

Download Status with App

This is a second way to download/save your status this is a very nice method because if you download anyone app on play store the does not provide the only status downloader feature but they provide you a lot of features and every feature is only for whatsapp so if you download the app and So you'll become whatsapp King and today I am told you about the best app for status and for wahtsapp so his a name was "Smart Tools (for social media)" and this is one of the best app for whatsapp and other social media platform so read more information about this app are following. 

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 Download Status App for Whatsapp: 

Download Status App for Whatsapp

So this is information about "Smart Tools (for social media)" app This is one of the best on play store because they give me a lot of features for example,
smart tools (for social media

save whatsapp status

 Feature No1. Text to emoji:

save whatsapp status

This is one of the best feature of this app in this feature you can select your text and emoji and they give me this result which is following. 

Feature No2. Text Repeater:

save whatsapp status

And about this feature you all know and your friend can send you repeating text which is like this, and this the best feature of this application. 

Feature No3. blank messages:

and this app can provide you this amazing feature because you can not see a blank message and you can not know that we can send a blank message in whatsapp so this is an amazing feature for whatsapp user and I personally use this feature. which look like this,

save whatsapp status

Feature No4. Direct Message:

This is a feature about the messages on Whatsapp in this feature you can message with every person which phone number is not on your phone and you can message on this person this is very nice and most feature of this app. 

Feature No5. Status Saver:

This is the last and final feature of this application and this feature you can download your status and this is a very nice feature of this application and of the above feature his in one app It's a good thing.

whatsapp status images download:

whatsapp status images download

if you want to download your status images so you open this app and click on the status saver button and you can see that your status images. and click on the download button. and that set your images are downloaded from whatsapp status. 

whatsapp status videos download:

whatsapp status videos download

if your friends status video is very beautiful and you want to download them so click on the status saver button in app and click on the video tab and select your video and click on the download button and your whatsapp status videos was downloading start. I hope you are like my this article and please share this article on your social media accounts. and send on whatsapp and share on facebook. 

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